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The Root & Key Journal Feature

Why Have a Private Journal on The Root & Key

LiveJournal was probably my favorite social media platform. It makes sense because I am a writer that I’d lean toward a platform that consists only of diary entries, stories and poetry. LiveJournal also hit my specific gen-X demographic. I loved the hell out of it.

I wanted The Root and Key to have the kind of functionality that encourages people to really read what their friends have to say. Journal entries are not presented in more formal scenario such as a in the magazine unless we select your post for publication and you consent. The length of your journal entries can be entirely up to you. But keep them some where between a timeline post and an essay.

It’s for those times that you have thoughts about something – too many for a casual FB post! Instead of writing a tome that will vanish like so much effluvia, use the journal feature to keep those thoughts together as well as to share them with others. Like all of your other content, you get to walk out with it with you when you leave.

The category feature helps situate your post with others that are about similar things when displayed in a feed. You can pick as many (relevant) categories you want to associate with your post. This feature will also situate a preview for your post on the same page as groups in the same categories so more of the right people can see them. This will become more important as our community grows.

Use tags to tie your posts into group or sitewite hashtags. These also help with the overall SEO of the site. Keep tags short and witty!


Images definitely help get people to read you journal entries. It has been noted in studies that people respond most to faces, so if you are looking for the views, take a relevant and eye-catching photo to attach to your post.  Please use images that you have the permission to use. Credit the photographer or mention if it is Creative Commons.

I really hope people use this feature because I am looking forward to reading what you all have to say!

About the author: Nikki Darling
I am a hedge-crossing Hekatean Hedgewitch. Also a poet, writer and dime store philosopher.

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